Sunday, September 14, 2008


I don't have a ton of time to type right now but here is the bottom line. We found packsaddle lake and we had a blast! The trail getting down to the lake was absolutely insane but we managed to get the quad down and back up again so I guess it was a success. Oh yeah...we tried to do a little fishing in the lake because the fish were jumping like nobody's business so I grabbed my little fishing pole that I keep in the quad, found a spinner and some 5 year old power bait to put on it, and on the second cast the spinner got stuck in the mud and broke my fishing line. That was a bummer. So then I found an old rusty hook and tied that on the fishing line with a little rubber worm and tried casting that out and it went about 2 feet because it had no weight to it. We then had the bright idea to tie a rock into the fishing line to give it more weight and that seemed to work good! We didn't catch any fish....the closest we got was a fish that followed the hook and the worm all the way into the shore just looking at it. I think that it was laughing at us trying to fish with a rusty hook and a rock tied into the fishing line. Oh well! I am going back next weekend to fish with some real stuff!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yesterday (9/6/08) I took my friend Melanie Voge (sister of my friend who I took up American Fork Canyon) riding up in a place called Packsaddle. Neither one of us had ever been there so it was sort of an adventure trying to find it. We stopped and asked for directions in a random hotsprings place in the middle of nowhere and the kid there told us that we need to turn on the dirt road next to the field. He must have forgotten that we were in Idaho because next to every field there is a dirt road! Anyway, we finally found the right dirt road next to the right field and we onloaded and headed up the mountain. It was a totally beautiful ride but was quite cold up at the top. We were trying to find Packsaddle lake but we never did. But we did find some pretty sweet trails through the forest and we had fun chasing the cows on the quad. Here are some pictures!