Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight we had a Halloween Party slash Farewell Party for Collin Hansen since he is going away for basic training for the Army. We all had a ton of fun, there were some pretty cool costumes and all that jazz, lots of good food, and was fun!!! I don't know what else to day about it! How about some pictures! Those are supposed to be worth a million words so I will let them talk.

Me feeding my "new bride" a cookie

Hilary about to cut the cake

I was kicking some serious butt in this game that I do now know how to spell. Fooseball?? about that. That is much easier!

Courtney and Robby

Jalissa and her friend. They were Asians for Halloween

Collin's good luck pumpkin

Lisa and a guy whose name I don't remember

Hilary and Collin

This is my lounge....where the party took place

These are little spider cookies that Hilary made

Collins Army cake. It was quite cool!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My high school graduation pictures

I normally don't share these with people, but here are my high school graduation pictures. I went to a few different photographers because I just couldn't figure out which one I liked. Anyway, I blew the dust off these pictures and thought I would share them with you.


I had a fun little project today! I had to fix my trailer fender due to a little fender bender. It was actually quite fun! Anyway, I am a nerd and brought my camera so I thought I would post the pics of the fixing process! Sorry...I know this is like the most non-interesting post in the world!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well well well, I am totally in love with this new place that I went riding today! I don't even know what it is called but it was probably the coolest place that I have ever ridden. My buddy told me about it and gave me directions (without street names...just know, the Idaho way!) and we found it without any problems at all. We unloaded and BAM! Trails up the wazoo! They were everywhere! I could stay up there for days and explore. They were all nice trails and just tons of fun to ride on. I know where I am taking the snowmobile! We explored for hours and didn't even make a dent in the places to be explored. I totally have to go back. Oh was quite chilly up there hence the giant coat. I would have taken more pictures but my camera died. I haven't charged it in like a month. I guess I should have thought of that!

Um...yeah...that's me being stupid. It wasn't even moving!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesday nights usually aren't very fun a special, right? Well, tonight was an exception. At 9:15pm, we went to a place called the haunted mill. Here is a picture of it:
Every year, this old abandoned flour mill is turned into a huge haunted house. It is so awesome and it is soooooo long!!! When we got there, there was absolutely no line at all and we just walked right up to where you pay. It was only 5 bucks a person. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Last time I went before the mission, I waited for about an hour and a half to get in. That was a Saturday night though. The mill takes about 30-45 minutes to go all the way through and it is sooo scary! Seriously, probably the scariest thing ever. When you first go in, you start on the first level of the mill and within the first split second people are jumping out and scaring the number 2 out of you! You actually start out crawling and as soon as you get out of the tunnel, this guy in a potato sack mask thing (like in the new batman) jumps out and you are totally not expecting it. The cool thing about Idaho is that there really are no laws. They grab you, the whole time you are walking on uneven boards, it is just so awesome. Anyway, once you get through the first floor, you go outside through a field where guys are hiding. From there, you go into the other part of the mill which then takes you into the mine. It really takes you underground and it I guess was a mine at one point. It connects back to the main mill and then you go up to the second and third stories of this mill. The stairs are about 2 feet wide and super steep and at the top, people jump down from the cieling and just about give you a heart attack. There is never a time for 45 minutes where you are not in a panic. Honestly, it is by far the coolest thing ever!!!! We all had so much fun! On part of it, you go over this huge suspension bridge over the river (you know, the kind that are super wobbly) and even out there there scary people chasing you with shovels and what not. All the old equipment is still in there and is part of the haunted house. By the time you are done, you are actually quite dirty from crawling around in the tunnels, going through the mine and stuff like that. I am so going back!!

After that, we did the old quarter in a bandaid tied to fishing line trick to people. We put a quarter into one side of a bandaid, wrapped it in fishing line, and stuck it to our FHE sisters window and went about 200 feet away into this dark field and pulled on the fishing line to make the quarter tap on the window. It was driving them nuts! They came outside, look all over, went back in....they couldnt figure it out and they were freaking out. We secretly took it off and went over to the girls dorms and put it on a random bedroom window and sat in the car with the fishing line. This girl got sooo mad. It was good fun. Then I came home and here I am! Totally fun wednesday night.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yup....I just took those pictures out my bedroom window. Whats that stuff you ask? Yeah....its snow. It's sticking. And it's coming down!!!! Well, I would normally be quite bummed that it is snowing but now I have a whole new attitude toward the snow. The more the better!!!! Why? Well well well, I am starting up an internet based snow removal company up here in Rexburg and the snow will keep me in business. I had kinda a crazy idea one night and thought that I would shovel snow to make money during the winter up here apart from the job that I have right now. I have 2 brand-new show shovels that I got for free and thought that I would put them to good use. Well, thinking about it more, I thought why now make it a little bigger and get a little snow blower so I can get the job done faster and have some customers. Then I thought, why not make it internet based since we have been talking about the importance of having web pages in my business class. Then it all started coming together. I was trying to figure out how it would all work and everything has just fallen into place. The name of my company is Rick's Snow Removal. I isnt very creative but I thought that I would just keep it simple. Maybe I can call it RSR later on. I don't know. Anyway, here is my plan and so far from the people I have talked to, they think that it is really going to be a success. I am selling pre-paid snow plowing cards that will have the customers membership number on it. They can pre-pay for 5, 10, 15, or more plows that way they don't have to worry about being home when I come to pay me, waking up early to get their checkbook out, etc. It will all be paid for. All they do is go to, click on "schedule an appointment," enter their Membership ID number, and bam! They recieve a confirmation e-mail and I am there the next morning clearing their snow. Can it get any easier than that? As of right now, I have my web page up and running (I will make it nicer as time goes on but it works for now), membership cards on order and should be here mid next week, am starting on writing the contract agreement, and today I invested in a SWEET snow blower. It was not really what I had in mind at all to get, but man is it going to be awesome. It is actually much better than the one I was going to get but I couldn't pass up the deal. I went down to Idaho Falls today to buy a Jacket and came home with a snow blower. I think I went down there for a reason today! I haven't opened it yet but here is a picture of it: Actually, first I will show the one that I was going to buy:
Meet the Toro CCR 2450 GTS. Here are the facts: (girls, you can skip this part)
Snow clearing width: 20"
Engine: 141 cc 2-cycle
Starter: hand pull
Rotor type: Rubber paddles
Cut depth on 1 pass: 13"
Wheels: Gay little BBQ wheels
Drive: push with your arms and legs
Weight: 74lbs

MEET MY NEW SNOW THROWER!!! Don't you just want to stick you hand in it? I still need to give her a name. Any suggestions?

Snow clearing width: 24"
Engine: 179 cc 4-cycle engine
Starter: electric or pull
Rotor type: Metal augers and impeller to launch the snow (2-stage snow thrower)
Cut depth on 1 pass: 21"
Wheels: Sweet beefy tires with sick tread
Drive: 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds
Weight:190 lbs

Do you think I will look a little more legit with this one? (The answer is yes!)

Girls, you can come back now!

Did it cost me a lot more? Heck yes it did but it was still a great deal and I can still pay it off without problems. Plus, I can get the job done faster and this will allow me to take on bigger jobs. The thing that I really like is my 5 year warranty. It covers everything from the engine to the tires. My fault or not, they come to MY HOUSE and fix it for free. Tires wear out, frozen newspaper busts my chute, they fix it for free! Yeah, it is a pretty sweet deal and I really don't have to have any worries, well, at least for the next 5 years! Anyway, I am really excited to start up my business and hope that it will be a huge success and hope we get a TON of snow!!! I will keep everyone updated as things go on. Oh yeah, just a side note. This has all developed within the last 4 days or so. Crazy, huh?

Oh are my cool new snow boots that I bought today. Did I ever mention how much I love Idaho? That has nothing to do with anything, but I sure love it up here!


I feel like nobody know where I live up here because nobody ever comes up to Idaho. I can not blame anybody who doesn't want to make that 14 hour drive. It is quite brutal!! Anyway, just though you guys might want to see my apartment.

About my apartment:
Built in 2003
About 2000 sq. ft.
6 bedrooms
2 bath
Walk in pantry
Huge kitchen
Nice living room
The only place with central AC and Heating up here!

Here are some pics:


Wow!! Sorry I have been so bad about updating my blog! During conference weekend, I had the chance to go down to Utah to attend my 1st mission reunion! It was so awesome!!! It was so good to see all of my old buddies from the mission and to see my Mission President and wife. We were very lucky to see them since they are from Mexico. Probably the highlight of my weekend was seeing the nearly completed 1936 Ford 3 window coupe that my grandpa has. He has been working on it for the last 13 years and finally it is just about there. I got to go for a ride in it and man was it nice! And did I mention the sound of it? Oh yeah, its got some power all right and the sweet sound to back it up! Here are some pics from that weekend: